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Egg Grading Machine

Egg Grading Machine

Egg Grading Machine Introduction

Egg Grading machine is used for sorting eggs into different grade by weight. The main constitutes 

are including eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader and filtrating floor. This eggs Grading 

machine is suitable for various kinds of eggs like hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs or any other eggs.

Egg Grading Machine Features

1. Adopt professional design, strengthening all the parts, rich durability.

2. Automatic control, saving labor, high accuracy stable movement.

3. Made of stainless steel, high durability, corrosion-resistant.

4. Easy to operate and maintain, reliable quality and service.

5. Accurate grading, zero breakage rate.

6. Wide application and reliable performance, high efficiency and low energy saving.

7. Small grader, smart and convenient for different levels of egg processing enterprises.

8. Different models with different capacity and material for choose.

Specification of Egg Grading Machine:

1. Working capacity: 4000-5000 eggs/hour

2. Grade level: 4-6 weight Grade levels

3. Overal size: 1125*1325*980mm

4. Packing Size: 1800*1600*1100

5. Working Voltage: 220V, 50HZ

6. Electricity: Single Phase

7. Power: 0.25kw

8. Frame: Stainless Steel 304 / Low Carbon Steel 

9. Surface:  Stainless Steel 304 / Carbon Steel

10. Feasible for Small Scale Chicken Farmer.

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