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Doser injector

Advantages of Doser injector: 

1.Do not rely on electricity but on hydraulic drive,adding a concentrated dose accurately.

2.Dilution variety of liquid and water-soluble materials easy to operate,easy to maintain;
3.Easy to adjust and Carry; separable external regulator; changing ratio.

Models of Doser injector:

0.2%--2% Doser Injector 
0.4%--4% Doser Injector
1%--10% Doser Injector 
1%--5% Doser Injector 
0.1%--2% Doser Injector

                   doser injector 1.jpg

Application of Doser injector:

1, horticulture industry: flowers, fruits and vegetables fertilization, storage, pest and 

disease control

2, the livestock industry: chicken / duck / cow / pig and other livestock dosing ratio

3, industrial areas: water treatment, chemicals, metal processing, fire and other industries

4, In addition to the taste / cooling / lubrication / and other special solvent dilution ratio; 

Widely used in beer, beverage industry chain lubricant add equipment, disinfectant added 

equipment and beer bottles, beer fermentation tank cleaning equipment

5, other industries: car washing / printing / hospital / liquor and so on.

6, For strong acid and alkali and other special applications, there are special models alternative