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Poultry Husbandry
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Temperature Control

Automatic temperature control system

Automatic Temperature control system :

consist of Cone Ventilation Fans, Evaporation Cooling Pad, Circulation Fan,

Roof fan or Tunnel Fan, TempTron Environment Monitoring Device.

TempTron Device is an effective low-cost climate controller designed especially

for poultry and swine raising. Featuring 8 built-in relays, it controls fans, inlets, 

curtains, heaters, cooling systems, flaps, variable speed fans, water and feed 

measurement. With automatic temperature reduction curve, it monitors and 

displays temperature from up to 6 sensors.

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PLC Temperature Control Device

PLC temperature control.jpg

Power Supply: 220V AC

Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, 

High temperature Alarm, Low Temperature Alarm

Used in Swine Feeding House and Poultry Feeding House.

English Version Available.