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solid-liquid extraction separator in Animal Farm

Solid-liquid extraction separator in Animal Farm

Solid-liquid extraction separator own so many name, it was called 

Manure Dewatering Machine, Solid-liquid separator and Screw press 

dewater machine


Farm solid-liquid extraction separator purposes

solid-liquid extraction separator is widely used for processing the manure

from livestock and poultry. Poultry manure or Livestock manure can be 

separated into solid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer after

de-watering treatment.


Firstly, extraction Separator can solve the problem of dealing with manure

 in Chicken farm.

Secondly, the solid manure can be used for processing for organic fertilizer 

after separateion, and it can be sold at a higher price and increase profit.

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Here is principle photo for Solid-liquid extraction separator:

 timg (2)000.jpg



How does solid-liquid extraction separator work: 

Chicken or livestock manure was pumped to main separation machine through

the non-blocking slurry pump, and manure was pressed by the screw auger to 

front of Separation machine. Liquid water in manure is squeezed and discharged

out of the machine by filter sieve. With continuously pressure from screw auger, 

the solid manure was extruded and discharged out of the machine from discharge 

port. Client can adjust the moisture contain in the machine according to adding 

self-weight of the machine..

 chicken cage (106).jpg

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The important value for solid-liquid extraction separator

1. After separation, solid manure is convenient for transportation, and can be sold 

at high prices.


2. After separation, liquid manure can be discharged directly into the digester for 

producing biogas with high-efficiency, and biogas digesters will not be blocked, 

and this extend the life span of biogas digesters.


3. After separation, the cow dung can not only be used as a cow mattress material, 

but also can be used for making into cost-savings cow dung fuel.


4. After treatment, mixed with grass bran, stirring and adding strain fermentation, 

solid manure can be processed into composite organic fertilizer granular.


5. After Treatment, solid manure can be used directly to improve soil quality.


6. After treatment, the manure can be used for farming earthworms, planting 

mushrooms, or feeding fish, all these solution can increase considerable benefits 

for your farm.