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The importance of Natural Light and Good Ventilation in Egg Laying Birds

The importance of Natural Light and Good Ventilation in Egg Laying Birds

Farmers can not deny that good light and airy ventilation in appropriate amount will 

help egg layers to grow and has a way of stimulating vitamins and anti-oxidants in 

their bodies.

The Crucial factor of Natural Light and Good Ventilation

To some extent,  morning sunlight from a poultry house window or an opening has a

way of stimulating their growth hormones and make them strong, instead of closing 

them up in a dark room in a cluster. 

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Good airy ventilation is also important to the birds as it vents the poultry of foul odor

from fowl dropping and makes your birds to have good fresh air and avoid heat stress

 in birds.

 Natural sunlight has been found to stimulate layers in egg laying also as it helps to 

stimulate their ovaries to mature eggs. 

So, always allow birds to have access to natural light, by building houses that  have 

open sides where enough light passes. 

However, direct sun Ray's may cause pilfering and death in the poultry hose coupled 

with vent pecking. 

Note that birds require 14 to 16 hours of light. So, from week 17 upwards, you are

 supposed to give the birds extra 2 to 4 hours of artificial light at night, otherwise, 

lack of light, the egg laying rate will reduce 5-10% accordingly.

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Many farmers who have 3 lines of cages experience darkness in the middle corridors 

of the middle cage line.....its of no harm to switch on lights in the middle corridors so

that birds can clearly see during day!

The same happens with ventilation!!!! Ammonia from the cage lines on the sides 

accumulates and affects only the middle third line! 

If possible, please build only 2 lines of the cage and give them a good distance apart

of about 2 meters. If you are forced to build more than 2 lines of a cage in a house, 

remove droppings daily!!!!.