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Water Consumption Rates/Levels for Layers & Broilers

Water Consumption Rates/Levels for Layers & Broilers


Water is an indispensible factor that is of extrimely importance to the life of Chicken and 

animals during animal husbandry. Water consumption rate or level is affected when weather

is too hot or water has excess minerals. There is a relationship between water consumption

and feed consumption; i.e. both are interdependent. That is to say, the increase in feed 

intake will lead to the increase of water consumption.


There are other factors affecting water intake or consumption, such as genetics, health status, 

and housing system, drinker type as well as local temperature. Temperature will has the most 

obvious of all. For instance, when the environmental temperature is above 32 degree centigrade,

chickens would consume 30-50% more water compared with when the temperature is 21 

degree centigrade.


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The type of drinker used in serving chickens and other poultry birds affects water intake. The 

rule of thumb is that water intake is typically 1.5-2 times feed intake. If chickens are sick, the 

water intake will reduce accordingly. A good housing system with good ventilation will have 

an increase of consumption in water, which will affect the health status of chickens.


The tables below show the daily water consumption rate for layers at  21 degree centigrade.



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The tables below show Typical daily water consumption for Broilers at 20degree centigrade