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Indispensible nutrition for raising broiler

Indispensible nutrition for raising broiler


To feed high-quality broilers, besides good technical management, you must provide

reasonable nutrition and supplement.  based on the needs of your chickens,  here are

indispensible nutrition for raising broilers:


First, the protein:

protein is the most important dietary nutrients for chicken. In order to get high quality 

broiler, get its meat and good taste, improve feather gloss, make it timely market, you

can feed 20% ~ 22% protein at the early age, that is 0 ~ 4 weeks; 

18.5% ~ 19.5% after 4 weeks.

At the same time, you can add sulfur-containing amino acids, such as methionine.

Methionine in daily feed diet, say, 0.45% ~ 0.47% at 0-4weeks; 

0.4% ~ 0.42% after 4 weeks.

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Second, sulfur Supplement:

Sulfur supplement in poultry body, are generally present in the form of sulfur-containing

amino acids. High-quality healthy broiler should contain a lot of sulfur supplement, like 

feathers and claws.  If suffered from sulfur deficiency, chickens appear to be panic, hide

in the corner to prevent being pecked, or a lot of parts of the body covering with no feather.


At the same time, you will have to add copper sulfate and iron sulfate in chicken feed, 

because cystine will be changed into sulfate salt, if there is a shortage of sulfate salt in

chicken body, and this will make the largely-demand for methionine even more difficult to

meet, because methionine and cystine have synergistic and transforming functions in 

chicken body.


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Third, vitamins:

Because large quantities of Vitamin B2 can not be stored in broiler body, while the 

absorption of vitamin B2 was blocked by anti-coccidia drugs and other antimicrobial 

drugs in chicken feed.


Lacking in vitamin B2 will cause growth retardation. Meanwhile, Vitamin B2 can assist 

in the growth and development of high quality broilers, keep the skin healthy, and promote

the enhancement of feather and skin