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Africa: You Can Do So Much With Chicken Manure

Africa: You Can Do So Much With Chicken Manure

At present, chicken farmers in Africa are not satisfied with the comprehensive utilization

of chicken manure: some farmers drop chicken manure to the side of road or pit, resulting

in waste and pollution; some farmers are using untreated chicken manure as fertilizer for

fields or ponds. Untreated Chicken manure will do harm to agricultrual production.


Chicken Manure seems to be waste or trash, but it is a valuable source if you treat it well.

In China, a chicken farm with 30,000 chicken can sell Poultry litter at the total amout of 

100,000RMB, that is USD15,500.00, and now farmers are seeking more advance method

to process poultry litter to get more profit from the market.


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Here are some technical approach we are using to help you turn your chicken manure into

valuable treasure,

1, compost fermentation method

Chicken manure, fermented by compost, is a good fertilizer for grapes, watermelons, and 

fruit trees as well as organic vegetables. Choosing well ventilated, high-lying areas, preferably

500m far away from the residential area and chicken coop, chicken manure can be piled up, 

and sealed with mud outside. Generally, fermentation period will take 10 days in summer, 

about 2 months in Winter. This process does not completely deodorize.


2, multi-bacteria fermentation

After two-step fermentation with different bacteria (First, Pre-aerobic fermentation; Second 

composting), chicken manure was used to produce bio-organic fertilizer products, widely used

in various crops, it is a product of pollution-free, environment-friendly and organic fertilizer, high

-quality fertilizer. Through lots of experiments, the final product turns out to be of significant results.



3, thermal spray feed method

Fresh pure chicken manure is processed by thermal spray equipment, and it can greatly 

provide nutritional value of feed, equivalent to cotton cake, vegetable cake and sesame

cake. After treatment, the final product can be used to replace some protein feed, like

soybean meal. This process can aslo thoroughly deodorize.


4, fermented feed method

Fresh pure chicken manure fermented by bacteria together with a small amount of wheat

bran, meal cake, and other additives. Chicken Manure can completely change the nutritional

value by the fermentation process, and final product become an excellent source of protein, 

the equivalent of cotton seeds meal detoxification or vetetable cake detoxification. It can be

used to replace part of soybean meal, with significant economic benefits. This method not 

only deodorizes completely, but animal palatability is also good.


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5, silage ammoniation method

Fresh pure chicken manure, after treatment, can be used as feed for cattle, sheep, and 

sometimes for pigs.


Fresh pure chicken manure is processed with shredded forage, fruit and vegetable waste, 

or potato, sweet potato seedlings, cereals and other mixed silage, including non-legume

 forage silage best. Silage, 40% -70%water, together with corn and other grains, was 

processed with the right amount of ammonia to improve the digestibility and palatability of

 forage and chicken manure. After fresh chicken dung air-dried, it is silaged in blue corn at 

a ratio of 30%, and it can be fed to beef cattle. This method does not completely deodorize.


6, dried (or air-dried) and crushed for feed

The fresh chicken manure can be spread out in plastic shed for drying, and can be blown

with a high-speed blower. After drying, Chicken manure was crushed into pellets feed for 

cattle, sheep,or Poultry.  The method can not deodorize, animal palatability is poor.


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7, dried (or air-dried) and crushed for fertilizer

The fresh chicken manure was dried by drying equipment. After treatment, Chicken manure

can also be processed into granular fertilizer. The deodorant effect of the method is not ideal.


8, direct feeding method

Fresh pure chicken manure can be used to feed pigs and fish in a small amount. According 

to different cage, chicken manure contains different active ingredients, such as young chicken

manure, containing with high crude protein, can be used as fine feed. Direct feed should be

very careful with quantity and pollution. This method can not be deodorant with a poor animal 



9, biogas fermentation method

Chicken manure is one of the raw materials for biogas fermentation, especially the heavy 

waterlogged chicken manure can be used to produce biogas. The chicken farmers can 

build fermentation tank of small and medium-sized, and biogas will be produced after 20 

days. Biogas can be used for domestic heating, and biogas residue can be used for fish 

or fertilizer.


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Once chickens farm is built, the process and utilization of chicken manure is very important. 

Chicken manure is not only good fertilizer, but also contains high nutritional value, and can 

be used as feed. The comprehensive utilization of chicken manure can greatly improve the

sanitary environment of chicken farms, eliminate mosquitoes, flies and odors, reduce the 

spread of diseases and make full use of this resource as feedstuff, fertilizer, turning chicken

manure into valuable resource to get beter social benefits, ecological benefits and 

economic benefits.